November 28, 2013

365 days in Antarctica !

For my 365th day at DDU station, on November 8th, I throw the meteorological baloon for the first time. Meteorologists at the base throw such a baloon every day to mesure various parameters in the atmosphere (temperature, pressure, wind speed, etc.), to improve meteorological models.

So, one entire year now ! And few more months still. Summer started again: a lot of adelies, less emperor penguins, a lot of petrels, and a lot of humans ! We are now 48 persons at the base I think, and will be much more when the next boat arrives.

Summer time, and planes arrivals were also a great opportunity to get few boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately not enough, we will have to wait a bit longer, we already ate them all...

Soon, a post on emperor pengiuns breeding cycle !

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