October 11, 2013

Antarctic Film Festival

From July to September, time flew very fast. Bad weather conditions marked most of the weeks, but fortunately, the Antarctic film festival began early August. Every year all (or most) Antarctic and Subantarctic stations participate in this event by producing one or more movies. Subsequently the best movies are elected internationally by these same stations. There are 2 categories for the movies: open, and 48h hours. As the name suggests, the open category can include any type of movie with the only constraint of 5 minutes duration. For the 48h category, it is a bit more complicated: all stations got, on August 2nd, the same 5 elements to include in their 48h movie (maximum duration 5 minutes again). The project had to be submitted on August 4th.  The 5 elements this year were: the gingerbread man, a real sneeze noise, a bath tub, a ping pong ball, and the sentence “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?”.

We had a lot of fun preparing the 2 movies we submitted, and watching the other stations pieces of art.

To have a look at the movies, follow the links:

DDU station movies:

-    Open :
  - 48h:

All movies for the festival:

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